PREPARE YOUR ORGANIZATION! Our Custom Phishing Readiness Assessment is designed by military Red Team leaders who wrote the phishing playbook still in use today. Are you ready to see what your company looks like to a REAL attacker?

Empower People. Fortify IT.

The Most Comprehensive Phishing Solution Built for People.

PhishCloud phishing protection empowers people to make intelligent decisions on digital phishing threats, fortifies IT visibility so they can respond to that threat, and delivers reality-based education that reduces the risk of phishing attacks.

Empower your people with phishing protection as simple a traffic light!

phishing protection as simple as a stoplight

Users learn in real-time how to avoid risky clicks across ALL digital threat vectors and become the front-lines of a stronger defense, not the weakest link!


PhishCloud is real-time protection against phishing and reality-based training built for people.


Users no longer have to blindly click on links in email and internet applications. Spotting phishing attempts is as easy as a traffic light – red for malicious, yellow for suspicious, green for safe.

PhishCloud delivers Intelligent visibility to empower users to make the right decisions, reducing risk across all digital platforms.

IT & Security

IT no longer has to wonder what their users are doing in email and across the Internet.  Gain full visibility into possible malicious content your users are seeing, focus only on real threats with full threat analysis in hand,   and automatically take action before the damage is done.

Targeted Education

Deliver, real-time, targeted training based on what your users are seeing so that they learn to avoid similar threats in the future. Improved user knowledge results in reduced corporate risk and a stronger relationship between IT and the user community.

PhishCloud Security Knowledge Training Powered by NINJIO

Cyber Security training that creates knowledge, not just awareness.

  • NINJIO is rated a top Security Awareness Training company by Gartner Peer Insights.
  • Combine the most comprehensive phishing protection with the best in security “knowledge” training.
  • Reality-based training using real-world scenarios.
  • Customizable ongoing training programs.
  • No need for simulations to test your employees.
  • Users are no longer your weakest link!

Joseph Neilson

Operations Manager Wimmer Solutions

PhishCloud saves us time by detecting and highlighting malicious links and phishing attempts before our employees can blindly click on them. They also help our admins have confidence in our employees by taking the guestwork out of judging the legitimacy of links seen and clicked, allowing for quick investigation and mitigation.

Phishcloud covers 98% of your Endpoints

How does PhishCloud work?

  • Data Aggregation and Protection
  • Proactive Defense Network
  • Real-time End User Engagement
  • Real-time Decision Making
  • Real-time API and Collaboration
Data Aggregation and Protection
Proactive Defense Network
Real-time End User Engagement
Real-time Decision Making
Real-time API and Collaboration