PREPARE YOUR ORGANIZATION! Our Custom Phishing Readiness Assessment is designed by military Red Team leaders who wrote the phishing playbook still in use today. Are you ready to see what your company looks like to a REAL attacker?

PhishCloud Security Knowledge Training

Now you can train your employees to be the “front line” of your security architecture, not the weakest link!

Real-time and programmatic compliance training in one,
comprehensive platform.

Statistics Speak for Themselves: Current Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations Aren’t Working

Despite the current awareness training and frequent simulations that companies employ,

97% of users are unable to recognize a phishing email.

Only 10% of companies spend more than 3 hours in cyber security training per year.

Only 60% of companies provide any formal training.

Simulations do not prevent real phishing attacks or provide accurate real-time metrics.

Try a New Approach: Cyber Security Training That Creates Knowledge, Not Just Awareness

PhishCloud has solved the phishing training problem. Now, through the PhishCloud platform that delivers the most comprehensive phishing protection in the market today, you can deliver two types of training to your employee base:

Reality-based Training.

Now IT administrators can easily deliver reality-based training, based on what your users are encountering real-time, so that they learn to avoid similar threats in the future. Improved user knowledge results in reduced corporate risk and a stronger relationship between IT and the user community.

Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Training.

A robust, on-going training program is key to your employees being part of your security architecture, not its weakest link. With PhishCloud you can develop your own training program based on the content you want your users to consume, and the frequency of training needed. Compliance training for PCI, HIPPA, and other tracks are also available.

PhishCloud Security Training Powered by NINJIO

  • Platform combines the most comprehensive
    phishing protection with the best in security training
  • Algorithms that tie real-time attacks to the right training episodes
  • Powerful policy engines that lets you create customized
    protection and training policies
  • Top rated Security Awareness Training company by Gartner Peer
  • Extensive library of cybersecurity awareness episodes
  • Multiple regulatory tracks

Why You Need PhishCloud Training



When your users click on a phishing link, not only can you block it, but you can also deliver immediate training based on the attack the user encountered.

Custom Training


With over 60 training episodes, plus compliance tracks, you can create a security training program that meets the needs of your business.



No More


Simulations do not protect against phishing attacks. With PhishCloud, simulations are no longer needed, saving time, money, and ensuring risk is mitigated.




Each 3 to 4-minute, episode is based on a real-life recent security breach. This creates relevance with your employees leading to higher engagement, fewer breaches and a stronger security culture.


Users Are NO
Longer Your

Weakest Link

Our US-based, AWS cloud infrastructure is built to scale quickly and is always on and always learning with AI technology designed to automatically protect customers from threats seen around the globe.